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What is the Inman aligner and how can it help you smile?

by mortadm, on 4th October 2012 | 0 comments

The Inman aligner is one of the most popular treatments for crooked or rotating teeth at the moment. The people at our dental practice in Surrey love it because it is so rapid with treatment times of around 8 to 12 weeks.

The reason it works so fast is that it uses a unique and revolutionary double action spring. Imagine that your tooth is rotated, one part of the tooth will be sticking out towards the front and needs pulling back in, the other part of your tooth will be sticking towards the inside and needs pushing out. The Inman aligner is able to do both of these actions at the same time, and so we can achieve rapid tooth movement in times not before seen in other orthodontic systems.

Is the Inman aligner fixed or removable?

Whilst we do offer fixed orthodontics, the Inman aligner falls into the removable orthodontic category. So it is important to remember that you need to wear your aligner for at least 20 hours per day, removing it only for meals and to clean it.

Why do dentists like the Inman aligner?

Many dentists like this revolutionary new treatment because it is accepted so well by their patients. If a patient gets on with an orthodontic appliance, wearing it every day, they get rapid results that they are totally pleased with. This in turn leads to a happy dentist!

What is the procedure for an Inman aligner?

It it all starts with a visit to the dentist, we then do a full assessment to ensure that your teeth are fit and healthy and ready to be moved. Once we have written up a full treatment plan with all of the relevant costings we can proceed to take impressions.

These impressions are sent to and Inman aligner certified dental laboratory who will make your orthodontic appliance. Once this is done it is then returned to our dental practice in Surrey and you can come back in to have the appliance fitted. This typically takes around three weeks from impressions to having the final orthodontic appliance returned to us.

You then need to wear your appliance for 20 hours a day for the prescribed amount of time, typically this is between eight and 12 weeks.

Mortiboys dental spa offers a range of orthodontic treatments, so if you feel that you would like to discuss more about having and Inman aligner then please give us a call for a free cosmetic dental consultation. We can then discuss with you is the Inman aligner is the right treatment for you, or whether there is an alternative treatment which suits your budget and clinical situation better.

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