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The people of Surrey are amazed with instant veneers by Snap on Smile

by mortadm, on 18th September 2012 | 0 comments

One of the problems with almost all cosmetic dentistry solutions is the fact that they are permanent. Think about the other things that many women do in their lives to enhance the way they look on a daily basis, removable hair extensions, gel nails, false eyelashes and make up. All of these are life changing ways to enhance your look, and now we can do the same with your teeth!

We’d like to introduce Instant Veneers with Snap on Smile!

What is Snap on Smile?

This is a revolutionary and patented new way to alter the way your teeth look. And it’s all in the name, with this new development in dentistry you really can have a new smile that snaps on.

Snap on smile is made from a thing but strong natural tooth looking material which has the flexibility to snap over your existing teeth, with the strength to make them act like a natural teeth. Each set of instant veneers with snap on smile is custom-made for you to fit precisely and exactly over your existing teeth, so the fit and comfort of this treatment is extra ordinarily.

When someone is wearing snap on smile even professionals find it difficult to spot the fact that these are not their natural teeth.

Who can have instant veneers with Snap on Smile?

This is an amazing treatment for people that have gaps in their teeth, crooked stained or missing teeth (yes, this amazing treatment can even bridge missing teeth). This means that if you are not a candidate for dental bridges or dental implants you can still benefit from a beautiful smile with snap on smiles.

Many people also do not wish to pay, or perhaps cannot afford to have full veneer or crowns work with conventional cosmetic dentistry, if this is you then snap on smile provides an excellent alternative and a far less invasive procedure.

How long does it take to have snap on smile?

You will need to come to the practice for an assessment, we then takes on dental impressions and send them off to snap on smile head office or manufacture. About three weeks later your new teeth will arrive, you then come back into our practice for a fit appointment where we would try in your new smile. All being well you leave that evening with your brand new snap on smile.

When can I wear snap on smile?

The device is perfect if you are going out in the evening and want to impress, simply snap in your new teeth and you’re ready to go!

Mortiboys dental spa is a local family and holistic dental practice in the heart of Surrey based around the Effingham area, for more information about instant veneers with snap on smile please give them a call today stop

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