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Surrey patients learn about treating gum disease

by mortadm, on 8th September 2012 | 0 comments

Gum disease can creep up on you silently. The first sign that you may notice is either red, swollen all puffy gums which may bleed on brushing, the problem is that once your gums reach this stage the gum disease has already progressed to a more serious state.

Bleeding, puffy, swollen or red gums are assigned the gum disease has been around for a while and has been left untreated, the only thing you can do is to visit your dentist or dental hygienist for advice on treating this disease.

Why is treating gum disease important?

Apart from being unsightly, gum disease is a precursor to a more serious disease called periodontal disease. Periodontal disease includes not only your gums but the bone which surrounds your tooth as well. If your gum disease progresses to periodontal disease this can result in a loss of bone tissue around your teeth, which eventually will lead to your teeth becoming loose and finally falling out altogether.

Spotting Gum Disease

The best way to spot gum disease is to visit your dentist at least every six months, your dentist will more than likely refer you to see the dental hygienist. Your hygienist is specially trained to deal with gum disease and to help you look after your oral health to ensure that this silent disease is spotted and treated.

What causes gum disease?

Ultimately it is due to poor oral hygiene. This can be exacerbated by poor diet which has a high level of sugar. The bacteria which naturally surround your teeth have a tendency to build up, this results in a solid buildup called plaque. It is underneath this plaque that the gum disease can progress.

More information on gum disease can be found here.

To ensure that plaque buildup is kept to a minimum to prevent gum disease we recommend the following.

  • Brushing for at least 2 min per day.
  • Flossing after each time you brush, gently cleaning between each tooth.
  • Rinsing with a fluoride mouthwash twice per day.
  • Cleaning your teeth with a quality electric toothbrush.

Mortiboys dental spa in the heart of Effingham Surrey will work with you to help prevent and treat gum disease by helping you with your oral hygiene and by ensuring that there are regular visits to the dental hygienist.

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