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Missing Teeth

Replacing missing teeth

by mortadm, on 4th September 2012 | 0 comments

What are the options for replacing missing teeth? This is a great question and this blog post is dedicated to answering that question, particularly if you are a local person in Effingham or surrounding Surrey areas.

Principally there are three ways to replace missing teeth, and these include.

  1. Dental implants.
  2. Dentures.
  3. Dental bridges.

Replacing missing teeth with Dental Implants

Dental implants are generally considered the preferred option for replacing missing teeth. An implant is essentially a titanium replacement for your natural tooth. The titanium root is gently placed into the space where the missing tooth has come out of, then after a healing period the final crown (the part of the tooth which you can see) is then placed on top.

dental implants can be used to replace anything from one single missing to write up to a full jaw of missing teeth, and even a full mouth which has no teeth at all.

Dentures to replace several missing teeth.

These are a removable option to replace missing teeth, many patients today prefer not to have dentures, however they are often the most cost effective option and with modern technology they can be made to look exactly like natural teeth, and feel comfortable to.

Dentures can either be made in acrylic, metal or new dentures can be made in a nylon type material which is very flexible. These flexible dentures are a very common and popular option as they can be made smaller than regular dentures and are considerably more comfortable.

Dental bridges, a common solution for missing teeth.

These are a permanent option for the replacement of missing teeth, the tooth either side of the gap will be prepared to accept the support for the bridged to which goes in the middle. Dental bridges last for a considerable number of years, and are a very common form of treatment for missing teeth.

One of the problems with dental bridges is that in order to replace a missing tooth they need to involve the tooth either side. Often the teeth either side of a missing tooth are perfectly healthy, however in order to be prepared to accept the new bridge they may need to be ground down. You will not see this in the final bridge, however most dentists will prefer not to grind down teeth unless they absolutely have to. This final point makes dental implants the most preferred option for replacing missing teeth.

In today’s world there is no need to live permanently with missing teeth, not only does it affect your smile, but the adjacent teeth can slowly drift into the gap. This can ultimately end up affecting your bite which may be difficult to correct in the long term.

Mortiboys Dental Spa is a local Effingham, Surrey-based dentist with a keen interest in helping the local people replace their missing teeth.

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