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Patient Testimonials

Below are a range of testimonials that we have received from patient after visiting Mortiboys Dental Spa. We are extremely happy with how our patients feel, and with the service that we provide, living up to our mission, “The Magic Of Dentistry…”. Please select a testimonial from below to view the whole article.

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“I am delighted with the success…” (read more…)

“My daughter had dislocated her jaw when she was very young. She had glue ear and had three sets of grommits before the age of five. When at the age of eight the specialist recommended grommits again my osteopath recommended seeing Marc. He made her an appliance to redress her jaw. Wearing it was never a problem, she found that she felt better with it in. Her osteopath regularly commented on how much better her body felt since she had the brace and how everything flowed more easily. I am delighted with the success of the brace but probably not as much as she is!”

Corrine Abbott

“We are particularly impressed with Marc’s manner…” (read more…)

“When my family and I returned to the UK three years ago from the USA we expected to have to return to the mediocre dental services we had endured in the past. However, we were very fortunate to have Mortiboys recommended to us by the family we bought our house from. Since then we have all enjoyed the relaxed friendly atmosphere at the surgery and the expert dental and orthodontic treatment available. Both my elder children have had quite extensive orthodontic treatment and have never complained of discomfort from their braces and are always happy to attend the frequent appointments required to adjust them. My daughter has now completed her treatment and her teeth look fantastic.

We are particularly impressed with Marc’s relaxed but professional manner and his staff seem to have a similar approach to their work. All treatment is fully explained and appointment times are flexible to fit in with the patients work/school commitments as much as possible. There is ample parking at the surgery and the reception/waiting area is very spacious and tastefully decorated. My 3 year old son is happy to wait on his siblings as there are toys to keep him amused and he enjoys collecting a sticker from the reception staff as we leave!

Mortiboys is a truly unique dental practice which we feel very fortunate to be part of. We would not hesitate to recommend it to friends or family.”

Gillian Main

“Everyone in the firm appears to own a piece of its values…” (read more…)

“The Mortiboys Dental Practice radiates friendliness and an abiding concern for the welfare of its patients. Unlike many other dental practices it appears to put welfare ahead of treatment, managing to combine a long term strategic view of our needs with the more usual immediate response mode for those suffering discomfort.

Most important of all, they work hard to ensure that the firm’s ethos is not just a question of ‘front of house’ style but that the welcome on arrival is carried through consistently to the treatment rooms and the end of visit admin and follow up. Everyone in the firm appears to own a piece of its values and style, a most difficult trick to bring off but one that carries with it the recipe for consistent patient treatment and enormous customer satisfaction.”

Richard and Delia Baker

“I can’t begin to express my gratitude to his brilliant team…” (read more…)

“I used to dread going to the dentist – I absolutely hated it! I used to sit gripping the chair, palms sweating and praying for the ordeal to be over. Like most of my generation (born in 1950) I have my store of dental horror memories!

I can’t begin to express my gratitude to Marc and his brilliant team at The Centre. I went to them as a nervous patient, unhappy with the appearance of my teeth and self-conscious when smiling. They put me at my ease from my first visit. The atmosphere at The Centre is so warm, friendly and professional and the dental care I receive is absolutely excellent – second to none!

I quickly learned to have the utmost confidence in Marc. He really cares and is always so positive and enthusiastic that it’s impossible not to reflect those feelings. He is kind and patient and long ago took away my fear of dental treatment. He has carefully and caringly transformed my old, ill-fitting crowns, gaps and fillings into a healthy and confident smile.

Mortiboys Centre is a place of excellence and Marc and all his team are very special people!”

Lizzie Evens

“I was delighted with the result…” (read more…)

“I came to Mortiboys Dental Health Clinic about 5 years ago with the specific intention of having my mouthful of mercury fillings removed and replaced with non-toxic white ones. This major task was carried out painlessly and professionally over a period of some months, and I was delighted with the result, both from the aesthetic point of view and in terms of the health benefits that undoubtedly accrued.

I remained as a patient, as planned, for ongoing dental care. I have been impressed with the standard and promptness of treatment, both routine and emergency, and with the welcoming and intelligently informative ambience of the Clinic. Practice Plan is an excellent method of funding private dental care, offering good cover and good value – a much better bet, in my opinion, than the various insurance schemes on offer, which are expensive and provide less cover than their publicity would lead one, at first glance, to assume.

At a time when the NHS provision is fast becoming virtually a thing of the past, Mortiboys Dental Health Clinic offers affordable private dental care of a high standard. I can recommend it without reservation to anyone seeking minimally invasive, holistic dentistry on which he or she can rely.”

J Burrell

“Mortiboys has always been a very calming atmosphere…” (read more…)

“As soon as I walked into Mortiboys I knew I had been recommended a particularly unique, and special Dental Surgery.

Mortiboys has always been a very calming and friendly atmosphere, for at times a nervous occasion! Marc, and his team have always been exceptional in providing preventative dentistry to me and our young family and we would have no hesitation in recommending the surgery.

My boys actually enjoy their appointments here with all of the extra special touches. I particularly like the new addition. The massage chair!

Marc has a great sunny disposition and an obvious passion for his job. The front desk are always welcoming and the nurses very comforting.

Thank you to you all!!!”

Philly Knowland

“I count myself very lucky to be one of your patients…” (read more…)

“Dear Marc

I remember coming to you for the first time over 7 years ago. Dad was sadly very ill with cancer and desperately needed some dental works done. We were given your name and made contact. There was a great hurry to get the work done as he was about to start radiotherapy. We were delighted, because the care he received was quite superb. There was immediately a strong bond between you and Dad and it was very clear straight away that you really do care for your patients. You made such a difference to him.

I then decided to also become one of your patients and have been with you ever since. As you know I have a very long journey, and the M25 is certainly not much fun, but for me, I know the journey is worth it. Prior to coming to you, I had never felt at ease at the dentist. You have created a very peaceful environment for your patients in order to make the experience as stress-free as possible. It does help! All the staff are so welcoming and friendly. Nothing is too much trouble for them. It is a huge team effort. I very much approve of the Patient Plan. It seems cost-effective and I like the fact it encourages me to make sure I attend twice a year. It’s the personal touch that does make a difference – a phone call a few days before the appointment as a reminder, a follow-up call after treatment to check everything is ok.

I know I couldn’t find a better dentist anywhere! Nobody likes having dental work done, but trust is an important factor for me. I 100% know that whatever needs to be done, will be done with great skill and patience and as comfortably as possible. I also know that when I have a major problem and need to be seen urgently, you go out of your way to help. I couldn’t as for better.

I am sure the M25 will continue to be clogged up, but I don’t care! For all the years you continue to work, I will make that trip! So make sure there are loads of them! Thank you for the first 7 years of superb care. Thank you too for helping Dad at his time of need. I count myself very lucky to be one of your patients. Long may it continue!”

Sue Hardy

“I cannot recommend them highly enough!” (read more…)

“After a very serious and lengthy illness, my daughter – Natasha – suffered major problems with her teeth and gums. Her mouth and teeth hurt constantly. She lost all confidence in herself and never smiled for fear of her teeth being seen. Eating was a painful process and was avoided where possible because of the pain it caused. Natasha feared the dentist and trusted none. Then she met Marc at Mortiboys.

Marc immediately won Natasha’s confidence with the care and kindness he showed her from day one. He was and remains, incredibly patient with her. Marc would explain in detail everything he was planning to do and involve her totally in all decisions so that she felt in control of what was being done and made sure she was both happy and relaxed about it.

It is difficult to express the extent of my gratitude to Marc and his fabulous team at Mortiboys Dental Practice. They have given Natasha back her confidence and dignity. She is so proud of her new teeth and loves life to the full. She has changed from a very sad and unsmiling child into a beautiful girl who smiles and laughs at every opportunity. My son and I are also now at Mortiboys. I cannot recommend them highly enough!”

Nicki Shelton

“I do not have anything to worry about…” (read more…)

“18 months ago my teeth were very over-crowded and over lapping. I was embarrassed to smile. When I was offered braces I was overjoyed. Finally I was going to have straight teeth.

When the brace was being put on Marc Mortiboys (my dentist) was so helpful, as I was slightly worried that it was going to hurt. Marc is gentle and is always making the visit to the dentist and enjoyable experience.

I now have a reason to smile, as I do not have anything to worry about.

Thank you Marc!”

Jessica Adam

“I have great confidence in Marc… Long may he continue…” (read more…)

“I used to have an NHS dentist and I had religiously attended every six month inspection. She used to say to me “Are you having any problems?” to which I would normally reply that I was not. She would then give my teeth a quick clean and inspection. Often a few weeks later I would develop some problem such as a raging toothache which required the replacement of a filling.

I first contacted Marc in January 2001 and he soon saw all my problems. I had to have two teeth removed as they were loose, my gums were bleeding and the gum line had receded very badly. Marc filled several of my teeth and I had veneers on a couple of my front teeth which greatly improved my appearance. However, the major problem was a gap in the back of my mouth where I had had a tooth removed many years before and the tooth next to it had to be removed. I then decided to have two implants which have been a great success.

I was so impressed by the implants that I then had four more to replace some worn and loose front teeth. Again these have been a great success and I only wish I had been brave enough to go through with one of Marc’s recommendations which was to have all the top front teeth replaced!

I have great confidence in Marc and the difference he has made to my appearance is amazing. Long may he continue to practise!”

Lorna Purle

“We all enjoy the welcoming and caring atmosphere…” (read more…)

“I can honestly say that coming to Mortiboys Dental Practice has been life changing for me. I had always regularly attended a dentist but my teeth were not good to look at but I was extremely dental phobic, needing sedation for all treatment which was how I finished up at Mortiboys because very few dentists could offer sedation. Marc didn’t pressure me at all but believed that one day I would manage without and under his gentleness, care and understanding the miracle has happened. I have complete confidence in him and his team, in fact I actually look forward to my dental appointments now, my only fear is that one day he may stop practicing.

I have had an extremely successful implant carried out by Fadi Barrak, who again was very kind, understanding and reassuring, taking time to explain the procedure to me. Marc’s enthusiasm for his work is infectious and eventually I let him replace all my amalgam fillings. The improvement in the look of my teeth is amazing and I feel so much more confident. I smile more now and the result of that is I at last have friends.

Most of my family come to Mortiboys now and I have recommended friends. Everyone is more than satisfied and we all enjoy the friendly, welcoming and caring atmosphere from all the team at Mortiboys.”

Fiona Slaymaker

“I received top class dental treatment…” (read more…)

“It is my great good fortune to have been introduced to Marc Mortiboys Dental Health Centre. I arrived here 3 years ago in May 2005 for the principle reason of having my amalgam fillings taken out and renewed without mercury as I suffer from many sensitivities. This Marc did most efficiently but little did I dream that I would end up having a complete makeover! For years I had suffered from gum disease where my front teeth were loose and crooked. Marc and his team at the clinic over a period of time brought the gum disease completely under control that I was able to have my mouth reconstructed with new crowns so that now I am the proud owner of a winning smile. Not only have I received top class dental treatment but the ladies at reception have been a delight to know with their kindness, consideration and helpfulness. I truthfully and strongly can recommend Mortiboys Dental Centre. I willingly travel an hour’s drive from my home to visit this clinic instead of finding a local dentist as I am a firm believer in Marc’s system of non toxic dentistry.”

Arminell D M Wreford

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