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Nervous Patients

Why do we get so uptight about a trip to the dentist?

For some people it relates to a bad experience as a child while visiting the dentist.

The dentist surgery can be a scary place to a child often with menacing face masks, weird clothes and lots of strange machinery. Some dentists are very good at dealing with the technical stuff but forget about the human touch and not all dentists are naturally good with children. This can lead to awkward moments where children are graphically told about the dangers of not brushing properly and losing all their teeth or having fillings. Is it any wonder then that we have hang ups as adults?

A very common nightmare is when people dream their teeth are falling out. This usually means the person is feeling anxious about something and is feeling vulnerable or out of control of a situation, it can also reflect low self-esteem and lack of confidence. If this has been an issue for you then walking into a dentist surgery can bring back those subconscious feelings.

Laying on a couch with your mouth open whist being poked and prodded with sharp objects is bound to make us feel vulnerable as we are powerless to the dentist and their tools. Because of this it is vital that we have a high level of trust between dentist and patient. This can significantly affect the mental state of the patient before, during and after the appointment.


At Mortiboys, we want you to have a positive experience with us both in and out of the chair. We try to make our rooms friendly and inviting and not too clinical. The staff are more than happy to talk you through your plan and support you in any way they can to offer reassurance and knowledge about your treatment.

With our Nervous Patient Programme we can also help with those emotional hang ups using complementary therapies:

Bach Flower remedies

Have a consultation with our therapist Sonja to find the right remedy to match your emotional state and anxieties. Take for a week leading up to your treatment.


Have a session immediately before your appointment to calm the nerves and help keep you relaxed while you are with the dentist. Alternatively have Reiki after your treatment to wash away any stress and bring you back to a peaceful state.



If you are undergoing a long procedure in the chair you might want to book a massage straight after to help with the stiff neck muscles and to help relax you after a stressful visit. Alternatively, a massage before an appointment can help to take your mind off things if you find you are fidgety or pacing around waiting to be seen.

This will all help to reinforce the idea that a trip to the dentist can be an enjoyable, relaxing time and you can look forward to coming to us time and time again.

Dental Anxiety

At Mortiboys Dental Spa in Surrey we work hard to ensure that undergoing treatment is a positive and relaxed experience. However, we also understand that, for some patients, just entering the dental surgery is a traumatic situation. Our highly experienced and compassionate Dental Team, has a wealth of experience in working with patients to help them manage their anxiety. We make use of a range of techniques to ensure that treatment is more relaxing:

Most importantly, help us protect your smile! It is vital that you attend regular visits to the dentist and hygienist. Through an established regime of preventative care, we can reduce the probability of tooth decay and gum disease occurring, therefore minimising the need for further intervention and safeguarding your smile!

For more information please visit http://www.hypnotherapy-directory.org.uk/articles/anxiety.html

IV Dental Sedation for the people of Surrey

We also make use of our understanding of how other therapies can be used to eliminate a patients’ dental anxiety, promote healing and reduce any unwanted side-effects of treatment. Moreover, we can use a variety of methods of sedation or recommend E.F.T. (Emotional Freedom Technique), counselling or a course of hypnotherapy to overcome your fears.

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