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1. Visit your Dentist every six to twelve months for a full and thorough screening for Gum Disease, Tooth Decay, Mouth Cancer, Cracks in teeth and restorations and Jaw/Bite analysis.

2. Visit a Hygienist to help with your prevention of tooth loss, decay and bad breath. Fund 1 and 2 on a monthly Oral Health membership scheme like the Pratice Plan at Mortiboys Dental Spa.

3. Keep your mouth ph neutral/alkaline.Keep your interdental stagnation spaces clean with floss, interdental brushes, waterjets and rinse with alkaline products like salt water.

4. Get a chiropractor/osteopath to assess if your bite is affecting your musculo-skeletal system giving you aches and pains.

5. Use a regeneration tooth paste/conditioner like Tooth Mousse, to reduce risks of dental erosion, cavities and sensitivity.

6. Ask your Dentist to make you a 5-year Oral Health Plan to help prevent future major treatment and financial expense.

7. Regularly check inside your mouth, tongue, lips and cheeks for visual changes. Get a Dentist to look as soon as possible if you are concerned about anything. Mouth cancer is on the increase and if caught early, it is often life-saving.

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