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Colds and Flu = Fillings?

by mortadm, on 17th September 2010 | 0 comments

Its that lovely time of year again when the leaves turn colour and begin to fall from their branches, picturesque it may well be especially in here in leafy Surrey but with colder climes comes sniffley noses and sore throats! Colds and flu affect us in the dental industry in a couple of ways….

Firstly, there is the sudden rise in appointment cancellations! People develop hacking coughs and raw sore throats literally overnight and consequently are unable to attend their dental appointments – no good sitting having treatment for half hour with the dental hygienist when you can’t breathe through your nose! It is a frustration for dental practices who rely on appointment books being full to keep prices stationary but its a fact of life and we work around it!

Secondly, people get cavities! That tickly cough or sore throat is relentless and the only way to make it more bareable is to suck on a cough sweet, and then another, and another…. sugar attack! Added to which the achey fatigue that plagues you at your desk at work, so many give in to the temptations of sugary energy drinks which promise to give you the edge, or stimulate your body or mind…. sugar attack!!

A couple of tips to help avoid cavities during these sniffly times:

1) Don’t let sugar get the better of you! If you are going to suck cough sweets, use only when you really have to… perhaps chewing a sugar free gum would help to alleviate tickly coughs through lubrication of the throat from saliva, if you really need a hit from that soothing centre then carry a travel sized bottle of fluoride mouthwash (ask at our reception for a free sample bottle) with you and rinse between sweets to neutralise the sugar and stop it attacking once you have finished your sweet.

2) Drink WATER! Gallons of water is way better for your teeth (and breath) than sugary energy drinks!  Drinking lots of water will help you to flush the toxins and bugs out of your system helping you to recover in less time – added to which your skin, wasteline and digestive system will also thank you for the positive choice!!

For more information about ways to avoid cavities visit our website www.mortiboysdentalspa.com or contact our friendly team for no obligation advice on 01483 281428.

Happy Autumn!


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