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Anti Aging

An amazing anti ageing treatment

by mortadm, on 18th August 2012 | 0 comments

Many men and women nowadays are looking for ways to look and feel younger, in order to feel more confident and perhaps attractive.

That ageing process affects us all in different ways, yet there are only a few ways that the effects of ageing can be adequately and realistically treated.

Many of these anti-ageing treatments involve some form of invasive or surgical treatment, this has associated risks and is not always a solution that people want to go through, as there are often fears of needles, injections and anaesthetics.

So what is the alternative to these modern anti ageing treatments?

Our Surrey-based dental practice is one of a few practices in the UK  able to offer a natural facial development system for the treatment of ageing. It is a modern orthodontic appliance which is worn during the night, however the results go way beyond straightening your teeth and actually affect your jaw. But how does this help you look younger?

The question really to ask is why do we look old?

One of the ways that we can tell how old a person looks is by the wrinkles and lines on their face. These tell tale lines around the nose and mouth get deeper as we get older, this has the effect of making us look older.

Try this simple experiment, look in a mirror and close your teeth completely together with your mouth closed. And look at your face in the mirror. Then very slightly open your jaw whilst keeping your mouth closed so that your teeth are no longer together, and there is now a gap between your teeth in your mouth.

As you slowly part your teeth whilst keeping your lips together, notice the lines and wrinkles around your mouth and nose will reduce as the skin tightens.

This also has the effect of elongating your face shape. A more elongated face has the tendency to look younger, think about people that wear dentures without their dentures in place, their chin can sometimes touch their nose! Although this is an extreme example, the principle remains the same that the closer our chin and nose are together the flatter our face looks, and that older it looks.

This anti ageing orthodontic appliance has the effect of opening out your jaw and opening your bite, so that the wrinkles around your mouth and nose reduce giving a more youthful look.

Mortiboys dental spa in Effingham, Surrey is one of only a handful of dental practices able to offer this amazing facial development and anti-ageing treatment. To request an anti ageing appointment, please visit the anti ageing page on our website where you will find more information about how you can look younger if you live in the local Surrey area.

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